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Linked has over 675 million users, gathering together to engage in business.

People who came to the platform to do the same activity as you do.

However, we’ve now entered the era of social selling. Where sales transactions occur online.

Buy-and-sell has experienced significant changes thanks to social media and the ubiquity of data.

So LinkedIn opened a new door for the sales teams and B2B buyers.

And it places importance on social media as the deciding factor for all buying decisions.

Sales Navigator is specially designed for sales reps to build and cultivate customer relationships.

It’s an effective tool for finding the right people for your lead generation.

So, how can you apply this to your daily sales activities?

Let’s find out!


A person once said,

“The most successful people I know use LinkedIn Sales Navigator.”

Back then, I was ignorant about what he said

I skeptically said, “Really?”

But what a fool I was.

I once made a connection with a prospect working in an IT firm back in France. 

However, our connection was cut off because he was reassigned in the United Kingdom to work on a project.

One day, I saw an update on his profile saying he’s now in China.

The problem was I didn’t know what’s new in his personal life nor his career.

So my friend suggested that I use Sales Navigator to find out this information.

And you just didn’t know how thankful I was for his suggestion!

Through it, I found that he moved to another company and was now working on securing his first project deal in China.

This was a great opportunity for me and my digital marketing agency!

So I got in touch with him and said,

“Hey, long time no see. How’s your project going so far? Maybe I can help you with that. Let’s talk about it over coffee?”

Thanks to our reconnection, I got to understand more of his plans development-wise and for him to know what’s changed on my side.

And because of this experience, I started to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator more in my business

And with it, comes my trust.

Using LinkedIn and Sales Navigator has truly brought real added value to my work as a digital marketer.

Here, I’m able to gather a lot of information about potential buyers professionally and personally.

Not only that, but this experience also taught me to never hesitate to start a reconnection with your prospects.

To never write off my relationships completely just because of the lag. Dropping a simple greeting into their inbox can always reestablish that.

Now, why don’t we explore why I and hundreds of people trust LinkedIn Sales Navigator.


B2B sales reps reach out to buyers with their professional brand known for customer trust. 

Because of the current state of the buyer-seller relationship, both want a guarantee on:

  • Information security
  • Good online conduct

LinkedIn and Sales Navigator already established brand trust as the premier partner for sales. 

And these have become the sales reps’ digital assistant in data collection and resource on target accounts.

How Sales Navigator Helps Build Trust

  1.   Have an All-Star Profile

A great profile creates a lasting first impression. It should highlight your experiences and achievements emphasizing your successful projects to earn your prospect’s trust.

  1.   Ask Help from Your TeamLink

TeamLink helps leverage your credibility when you ask a common friend to introduce you to your prospect. 

  1.   Make Use of InMail

InMail increases your worth to the target letting them respond quickly to your message. It’s much more digitally optimized than the traditional inbox.

You now understand the significance of Sales Navigator for your business.

It helps you build trust with your (current and potential) clients.

So let’s go right down the details on how you can use this amazing LinkedIn product.


Are you aware that your sales team wastes a lot of time finding the right prospect to contact?

How are you sure that negotiating with that prospect won’t backfire on your sales deal?

The answer lies in Sales Navigator. The advanced sales tool solution you can rely on.

3 Ways to Identify Your Target Prospects

1. Use Advanced Search

Your search parameters can be based on a number of conditions, such as by region, industry, and company size. Use these to filter the results further by company revenue.

Next, look for prospects you share common connections with or are good matchmaking opportunities.

Use the Lead Builder to create a list of all your prospects and then filter them by position to identify the decision-makers and influencers.

2. Review Your Prospect’s Profile

Your goal is to gather useful information to have better connection results.

Look for your shared commonalities to understand your prospects better. Search in the following sections:

  • Follow
  • Groups
  • Volunteer Experiences
  • Skills & Endorsements

It gives you an idea of who they are professionally and personally, especially what their colleagues and other connections say about them.

3. Maximize Lead Recommendation

Automatically receive recommendations based on the preset leads:

  • Receive pre-approved prospects.
  • Discover similar decision-makers and influencers from recommended companies.
  • Receive new prospects right to your inbox.
  • Identify new prospects through Sales Navigator.
  • Access their profile or save them in Contacts for a later follow up.

As a result:

  • You avoided non-essential data 
  • You’re on track to a better quality pipeline.

This actually speeds up your sales process, making you 80% more productive.


Social selling is an intersection of information and trust.

Information builds trust.

But for it to be trusted, it must be:

  • Buyer-oriented 
  • Sent to the right prospect.

For this, you need good timing.

If you can provide relevant content the moment the prospect needs it, then you can double its perceived value.

Sales Navigator Automatic Alerts notifies you of trigger events prompting you to take action.

How to Stay In Touch with Target Accounts

1. Stay Alert with Saved Leads

Here are the most common buying signals:

  • Questions on industry-specific topics
  • Critiques of a competitor’s solution
  • Job changes

2. Use the CRM Widget

Combine your existing CRMs with Sales Navigator.

Integrate your CRM contacts into your LinkedIn network which then automatically syncs them, keeping your target accounts’ information current.

3. Unlock Out-of-Network Feature

Discover hidden leads and get access to the 675+ million member profiles. Gain more visibility and receive leads even beyond the 3rd-degree. 


Sales Navigator is a social selling platform by LinkedIn that provides an array of features that focus on helping you find the right prospects to build trusted relationships.

And as B2B continues to involve in social selling, sales reps are now developing strategies exploiting the opportunities afforded to them by LinkedIn.

Over time, it became undeniable that Sales Navigator is an indispensable tool for returns on investment.

It has made reaching your sales goals much easier and increasing the probability of sales deal closure leading you to reap greater rewards.

Moreover, this sales tool will bring numerous strategic contributions to your business:

  • A deeper knowledge of contacts
  • Develop long-term connections
  • Obtain key information on new opportunities
  • Streamlined lead generation
  • Precise targeting
  • Trusted environment for direct contact 

Resulting in you gaining your customer’s trust.

Just always remember the following:

  • You have 3 ways to find your target prospects.
  1. Through Advanced Search
  2. By reviewing your prospect’s LinkedIn profile
  3. Utilizing Lead Recommendations
  • You have 3 ways to stay in touch with your target accounts
  1. Through Automatic Alerts on your Saved Leads
  2. Using CRM Widget
  3. Taking advantage of the Out-of-Network feature



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